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Restriction on burning of residual crop residue in the fields after harvesting

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After harvesting in view of the possibility of air pollution or burning by burning the residual crop residue in the field after harvesting under section 19 of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 by the Government of Chhattisgarh Housing and Environment Department. Burning of the remaining crop residue in the fields is prohibited. Deputy Director of Agriculture Department told that under which 2500 rupees per incident for less than 02 acres, five thousand rupees per incident from 02 to 05 acres and 15 thousand per incident for exceeding 05 acres and punishment of 6 months and fine. There is a provision of He informed that in this the District Magistrate, District and Sessions Judge, Superintendent of Police, Officer of Pollution and Control Board have been authorized.
He said that in order to prevent the burning of crop residue and its proper management as animal feed, compost, etc., the Department of Agriculture has elaborated the process of explaining the farmers through field practices and crop residue management. Dissemination has been done. Despite this, crop residue is burnt by farmers. To make farmers who have more crop residues such as para, straw, etc., than to burn them in the field, to provide them for livestock feed in the nearest plantations and spraying the solution of de-composure and making super compost manure in a few days to use. Explanation is given. This will improve soil fertility quality along with prevention of air pollution which will be beneficial or beneficial for everyone including environment.