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Raipur: School Education Minister did surprise inspection of Mohalla classes

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Classes are being conducted under Tuhar Para in 317 villages and mohallas

School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam conducted a surprise inspection of the Mohalla classrooms in and around Raipur today. He reached Kachana, Phundhar, Purana Talab, Kabir Nagar and Lakhnagar and visited the mohalla classes conducted there. Senior MLA Shri Satyanarayan Sharma was with him during this time. 

    It is noteworthy that due to the discontinuation of regular school education in the lockdown period by the School Education Department, teachers and local youth (under ‘Padhai Tunhar Para’) in villages and mohallas outside schools with the consent of parents following the rules of Kovid-19. Offline classes are being conducted voluntarily in collaboration with Shiksha Mitra / Shiksha Sakhi). These classes include children who do not have mobile phones or Internet facilities. 
    Children and teachers told the Minister Dr. Tekam in the discussion that at the time of this calamity, the innovative initiative of the Department of Education has been taught by Tuhar Duar, the opportunity to keep students connected with education and to teach and learn them through activities. Teaching skills of teachers have improved through new innovations, while children are developing an understanding of the subject through activities in place of traditional rote learning. Minister Tekam appreciated the role of teachers for this system of teaching and learning. 

    The school education minister and members of the observation team first observed the class of “teacher Sunila Franklin” in Sahu public building located at “Kachana” in the morning . At the time of observation, children were studying through different pictures in the drawing sheet, wearing masks and following physical distance in two different rooms. After this, in the community building located at “Fundhar” , “Dr. Vandana Agarwal was providing education to the children through  clay sculpture, sand sculpture, drawings on drawings and sheets”. A unique way to teach English Poem of the textbook through loudspeakers was observed by “Teacher Kavita Acharya” near “Purana Talab” . ” Rita Mandal” in the community building of “Kabir Nagar” RaipurAnd after observing the class of the “Natya Shastra” of education associates , they discussed with the children. Hence, the members of the observation team were found to be imparting education in the “song-music” of “Mamta Ahar Madam” on the banks of the pond located at “Lakhnagar” On this occasion, District Education Officer, Mr. G.R. Chandrakar, District Mission Coordinator and Nodal Officer Shri K.S. Patle informed the Minister Dr. Tekam that currently 16 thousand 116 children are being given offline education outside the Containment area under “Padhai Tunhar Para” by 837 teachers in 317 villages and mohallas of the district . On the other hand , ” loudspeakers” are teaching 1559 children by 50 teachers in 172 villages and mohallas. Bluetooth ( boltu lyrics
) 4337 people have been sent audio auditions by 353 teachers in 84 hotbars of Raipur district. ” Online classes went planted one lakh 27 thousand 587 classrooms by 8028 teachers so far in 1419 schools from April 07 through”. Through which 5 lakh 47 thousand 49 students were studied and taught various subjects and their questions and doubts were resolved. He informed that 1096 classes are being conducted daily in Raipur district through Padhai Tuhar Duar. In which 46,957 students are getting online education. 

     On the occasion of inspection, Mr. Suresh Shukla, District Commissioner of Bharat Scout Guide District Association, U.R.C. Mr. Shirish Tiwari was present.

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