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Raipur News: 200 beds for Corona patients in AIIMS, capacity increased to 700

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Raipur. In view of the increasing number of corona patients in the state, AIIMS has increased the number of beds in the corona ward. Earlier AIIMS had 500 beds for infected patients, now 200 more beds have been arranged. Thus, AIIMS has a total of 700 beds for infected patients.

Explain that Ambedkar Hospital has a provision of 500 beds for infected patients. There are 120 beds in Mana Hospital, 100 in Lalpur Center and 350 in Ayurvedic College. Apart from this, 266 in the indoor stadium, 230 beds are available in Kovid Care Center in Phundhar.

Explain that the most infected district in the state is Raipur. As of 31 August, 11 thousand 334 have been found infected. Raipur is also in the forefront of death. There are 277 deaths due to corona in the state, out of which 147 died in Raipur alone. 5231 patients were discharged after recovery, 5938 patients are still under treatment.

The way the number of corona infections is increasing in the state is worrisome. We are giving 100 percent treatment. The hospital previously had 500 beds for Corona patients, now 200 more have been increased. Other patients are also getting better treatment here.

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