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Raipur: 45.80 crore released for Chhattisgarh for MGNREGA wage payment: 9.44 crore man-days of employment created in the state so far this year.

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70 per cent of the total target for the year, wages paid of about 2092 crores

MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) 45 crore 80 lakh rupees has been released for Chhattisgarh by Union Ministry of Rural Development for the payment of wages of workers. In the current financial year 2020-21, wages worth more than Rs 2091 crore 90 lakh have been paid so far under MNREGA, providing direct employment to 25 lakh 98 thousand families. This includes payment of wages of Rs 94 crore 82 lakh in lieu of 50 additional days of employment provided to MNREGA workers by the state government. During this period, Rs 384 crore 12 lakh has been paid for the material.

Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Shri T.S. Singhdev said that against the total budget of 13 crore 50 lakh man-days for the state this year, 9 crore 44 lakh man-days of employment have been created in the state so far. In the current financial year, about 70 percent of the year-long target has been achieved in less than five months. Hundred days employment has been provided to 79 thousand 280 families of MNREGA job holders in the state.

For Chhattisgarh, a total of 2204 crore 88 lakh rupees have been sanctioned so far this year by the Government of India as wage item. 2116 crore 20 lakh rupees have been received by the state. Right from the Government of India, the amount of Rs 118 crore 91 lakh in wages and 148 crore 25 lakh in material head is pending release. Due to Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Mr. Singhdev Kovid-19, during the nationwide lock-down, a massive amount was released from the Government of India for the payment of wages for the MNREGA works started in the state and for the work of providing jobs to the needy during the rainy season. Getting the initiative done continuously.

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