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Raipur: 19.85 lakh beneficiaries of pensioners received pension: Relief amid the lockdown

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Under the various pension schemes operated by the Social Welfare Department for the aged, widows, abandoned and differently abled, 19 lakh 85 thousand beneficiaries of the state have been paid pension amount up to the month of March. Approximately Rs 72 crore pension amount is disbursed to these beneficiaries every month. This will provide financial relief to the beneficiaries in the lockdown implemented during the corona virus infection.
Under the Social Security Pension Scheme, 4 lakh 87 thousand beneficiaries, 2 lakh 28 thousand under the Sunder Sahara scheme, 3 lakh 84 thousand under the Chief Minister Pension Scheme, 6 lakh 66 thousand 976 under the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme, Indira Gandhi National Widow One lakh 85 thousand under the pension scheme and 32 thousand 513 under the Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme, in this way a total of 19 lakh 85 thousand beneficiaries pay pension.

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