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On the last day of lockdown, 3725 new patients in the state, 29 deaths also, 519 cases were found for the first time in the fort.

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On Monday, 3725 new corona patients have been found in the state, in which there are 590 Raipur cases. There have also been deaths of 29 corona infected in the state including 11 in Raipur. So far, 878 have died in the state, Of which 408 belong to Raipur. Including new cases, 108458 patients have been made in the state. There are 33044 patients admitted to the active case hospital. 74537 people have recovered from hospital and home isolation. The number of patients in Raipur has increased to 32829. The active case is 10744. After treatment 21677 people have recovered. The lockdown in Raipur ended on Monday from 22 September. During this time, 4639 patients have been found in Raipur. At the same time, 69 patients have died. However, the lockdown reduced the speed of the patients. From September 15 to 21 before the lockdown, 5362 patients were found in Raipur and 50 patients died. However, experts say that the effect of the lockdown will be known after 10 to 15 days. There were definitely less than 500 cases on Sunday. Actually, there is less sampling and less investigation on holidays, because cases have been coming down for a long time. Markets must remain closed in lockdown But the movement of people was continuing. This is likely to reduce the number of patients. Doctors say that lockdown patients cannot be said to be effective now. When the entire country is unlocked, the transition from lockdown in Raipur will not stop completely as both trains and flights are operational.

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