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No recovered benami property and undisclosed income

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RAIPUR. Congress seeks conspiracy in many IT raids in Chhattisgarh by the Modi government. This is only to destabilize the state government of absolute majority. Four days after the action, the Income Tax Department has not been able to give any concrete information about the documents and income received during the investigation, while the information about the seized documents and undisclosed income was made public immediately after the action in Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh.
The press release issued by the Income Tax Department is a bundle of lies. Undisclosed income, properties mentioned in the release, have not been recovered. The department has not felt anything during the operation in Chhattisgarh. This action has been done in the form of stinging the development work and political response done by the state government in one year. The state government has prepared a challenge for the Center, which has scared the Modi government, whose living proof is the raid of IT department.
The Income Tax Department of the Central Government has tried to protect itself by mentioning the seizures in the release, as more than 200 officers have been camping in Chhattisgarh for four days, which ultimately did not touch anything.

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