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Mrs. Ranu Sahu took over as the Managing Director of Chhattisgarh Tourism Board

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Smt. Ranu Sahu, 2010 IAS officer of the bench, Commissioner of Goods and Services Tax, Government of Chhattisgarh has assumed the additional charge of Managing Director, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board on 05 November with its current responsibilities. Mrs. Sahu, after getting acquainted with the officials of the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, got information about the current status of various works.

The Managing Director took charge of the Chhattisgarh government’s ambitious plan “Ram Vanagman Tourism Circuit” and visited the Mata Kaushalya temple at Chandkhuri and inspected the ongoing development works there. During the observation of development works at Chandkhuri, he said that the Ram Van Gaman tourism circuit is an ambitious plan of Hon’ble Chief Minister under which the completion of the development works of the proposed 09 sites in the first phase within the stipulated time frame and the tourist destinations of Chhattisgarh Development works will be completed on top priority.

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