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Jhiram Valley Political Narsanghar Conspiracy not yet investigated – Shailesh Trivedi

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  • On May 25, 2013, there was an alleged Naxalite attack on Congress’s election rally in Jhiram Valley of Bastar.
  • This was the largest political massacre in the history of democracy in India and possibly the world.

In this, a total of 29 people including 13 Congress leaders were killed and dozens were injured.

13 Congress leaders including the then President of State Congress Nandkumar Patel ji, Vidyacharan Shukla ji, Mahendra Karma ji, Uday Mudaliar ji, Dinesh Patel ji and Yogendra Sharma ji were murdered. These were our family members.

Then there was Raman Singh government of Bharatiya Janata Party in the state.

  • The investigation of this massacre was entrusted to the NIA and together a commission was formed to investigate it.
  • Before the NIA could start its investigation properly, the NDA government replaced the UPA government at the center.
  • The daub that started after this hurts all of us.

Conspiracy not investigated

  • The whole of Chhattisgarh knows that there was a big political conspiracy behind this massacre.
  • But it is a matter of surprise and sadness that neither the NIA investigated this conspiracy nor the conspiracy was placed under the purview of the Commission.

NIA has investigated as if it was a simple Naxalite attack.

  • Neither statements of all concerned were taken nor arrests were done properly.
  • In the hearing that is going on in the Commission, it is well known how deliberately weakened the security system.

When the Congress raised the matter of investigation into the conspiracy while in opposition, the government was forced to order a CBI inquiry.

  • But the Central Government refused to conduct a CBI inquiry. But this information Raman Singh ji kept hiding and never told the people of the state that the Center has refused to conduct a CBI inquiry.

We have evidence

  • We families are able to understand properly that the conspiracy is not being investigated.
  • The NIA had announced the completion of its investigation but did not investigate the entire evidence.
  • When the state government announced the formation of SIT, then the NIA has started Khanapuri again. By deploying an inspector, we are forgetting that the investigation is going on.
  • The NIA did not even properly interrogate the arrested people.
  • We have enough evidence to suggest that there is a deep conspiracy behind the Jhiram massacre.
  • But we feel that the NIA is acting at the behest of political masters and wants to save some people.

That is why she does not want to investigate the conspiracy.

  • She is asking us to hand over her evidence to us but we no longer trust the NIA.

A petition has also been filed in the High Court on our behalf.

  • For proper investigation, we have renewed FIR in Darbha. But now the NIA wants to take it into his own hands as well.
  • We want the SIT of the state government to be allowed to investigate so that the conspiracy can be found and we can get justice.
  • It is our right to get justice and by taking away our rights our misery is being increased continuously.
  • Jitendra Mudaliar, Tulika Karma, Mohammed Sahid, Harshit Sharma, Daulat Rohra were present at the press conference along with State Congress Communications Department President Shailesh Nitin Trivedi.

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