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It was not possible to go to school crossing the river in rainy, the teacher bought the horse; In Naxalgarh, even today, teachers cross the river by boat and go to teach children

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Raipur / Dantewada / Kawardha : Even today the children have to cross the river to teach children in the big Karka of Naxalgarh area, crossing the river Indravati. Teachers Jitendra Sharma and Meghnath Pujari say that this is an area where the family continues to worry until they return. On the one hand there is the danger of drowning in the river and on the other side is the terror of Naxalgarh. There are 19 schools in 4 villages. Where the means of reaching is only the canoe. Geidam BEO Sheikh Rafiq explains that it is a big deal to go by boat in an area where no one is ready for posting.

When the love of children and villagers is found, all the fear is over
, Jitendra Sharma, a teacher posted in the big karaka of the dhurnaxal affected area across the river, tells that until after returning to duty, the family is worried. But in 8 years, the villagers and children got a lot of love, so much love has come that everything looks good now. We are not able to find school yet, but are taking mohalla classes. Teacher Meghnath Pujari says there was a lot of fear in the beginning, but now it has become a habit.

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