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Improvement in online appointment portal for registration of documents

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Chhattisgarh’s Inspector General of Registration, Superintendent and Superintendent Mudrak has said that recently due to the high number of documents being registered in various registration offices, information has been received regarding difficulty in getting appointments. Last month, the registration work was interrupted due to some staff getting infected with Kovid-19 in Raipur registration office and this situation arose due to the high number of registrable documents due to the festival of Navratri. It is also found that some people have received more than one appointment for the same document. For this reason also, the common people have been inconvenienced in getting an appointment. To solve this problem, a new system of e-registration appointment has been made by improving the e-registration system.

According to the new system of e-registration, now in the case of sales letter, appointment will be given only on the basis of e-stamp of more than 5 percent of the consideration value. If a party has already received an appointment based on an e-stamp worth less than 5 percent of the consideration amount, a list will be sent giving them 24 hours time to get an appointment based on the correct value. If they fail to do so, their appointment will be canceled and open to others. It has also been arranged that more than one appointment cannot be taken for the same documents so that the system will also check that the e-stamp used in the appointments being taken Even in the past, the appointment has not been received. If an appointment has already been taken in the same e-stamp, the appointment will not be granted to them.

If due to receipt of appointment, a party fails to submit its document for registration at the due date and time, then the appointment for registration of same document will be received after 15 days. Such arrangements have been made in the appointment portal for the next 15 days so that the parties can easily get an appointment. The portal will be open daily from 8 am to receive an appointment and will continue until the next 15 days appointment is fully booked.

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