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Forest In City: The forest will be inhabited close to these six cities of Chhattisgarh, such is the plan

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Raipur. Forest In City: Citizens will no longer have to go far to enjoy the forest. Forest Department will prepare Municipal Forest in six cities of the state. All the municipal corporations of the state have been included in this central government scheme. Municipal forest will be developed in 50 hectares in or around the city. In the first phase, the survey of land has been completed in six districts to create a city forest. The Forest Department has sent the proposal to the Central Government. Its work will be started after getting the green signal from the central government.

The purpose of making the city forest is that with getting pure air around the city, people will also get connected with nature. Just as there are lungs for the purity of the human body, similarly these forests will prove to be effective for keeping the environment of the city clean. Officials of the forest department say that cities in cities across the state are to prepare forests.

It may be noted that in the first phase of Forest Department, two crore 38 lakh rupees in Ambikapur in Sarguja district, two in Raigad at a cost of four crore rupees, two crore in Kondagaon, nine crore 95 lakh rupees in Raipur, 96 thousand rupees in Durg and Bilaspur. The city will develop forest within two years at a cost of five crore rupees. Apart from greenery in the city forest, the park will be decorated with fragrant flowers. There will also be a cycle track, swing for children and seating for people.

This would be advantage

A forest department official said that each district has forest department land, but people have illegally occupied the lands. Encroachment will be removed under the Municipal Forest Scheme. It is proposed to make a separate track of 3–3 km for cycle and morning walk in Nagar Forest. This will be the first garden where tourists will be able to travel by bicycle. People can enjoy healthy benefits by traveling through the greenery. Presently, the government has built many gardens, which are full of people in the morning and evening.

Under the Central Government’s Municipal Forest Garden Scheme, there is a plan to create Municipal Forest in urban area. The proposal has been sent to the Central Government. Due to this people will enjoy the forest inside the city, on the other hand, the encroachment from the forest department land will also be eliminated.

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