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Finance Minister Choudhary said – Chhattisgarh’s revenue will increase with the help of Business Intelligence Unit in GST, ‘Amritkal: Chhattisgarh Vision@2047’ will be dedicated to the public on the day of state foundation.

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Raipur. The demands for grants related to the departments of Finance Minister OP Chaudhary were passed unanimously after discussion in the Assembly today. This includes demands for grants of Rs 7 thousand 956 crore 87 lakh 39 thousand under Finance Department, Rs 1 thousand 174 crore 3 lakh 90 thousand related to Housing and Environment Department and Rs 428 crore 71 lakh 44 thousand related to Planning, Economics and Statistics Department. Are. During the discussion on the demands for grants, the assembly members put forth the demands of their respective areas and also gave their suggestions.

Finance Minister OP Choudhary, while replying to the discussion on the demands for grants, said that the strategy under which the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for the Indian economy, similar efforts are being made for the budding state of Chhattisgarh and this is a big step. It is fortunate that we will develop Chhattisgarh along with India by the year 2047. A vision document will be prepared on how Chhattisgarh will transform from a developing state to a developed state by 2047, which will be dedicated to the public on 1 November 2024, the day of establishment of the state in Chhattisgarh, which will be named “Amritkal: Chhattisgarh Vision @2047”.

OP Chaudhary said that due to Modi ji’s guarantee on the midterm target, India’s economy has jumped from 11th place to 5th place within 10 years. As this midterm target, we have set a target of increasing the GSDP of Chhattisgarh from Rs 5 lakh crore to Rs 10 lakh crore in the next five years. He said that we will give utmost importance to the use of technology in the state and that is why a budgetary provision of Rs 266 crore has been made for technological intervention.

Minister Choudhary said that wherever technology can be used to run the state system smoothly, we are giving importance to it and the basic basis of our strategy to grow the economy is technological reform and innovation. We are also moving forward in the use of technology to improve pollution standards. He said that it has also been decided to constitute Chhattisgarh Advisory Council to determine the economic policies of the state. After in-depth study in the state, we are focusing on setting up a Business Intelligence Unit in GST, the impact of which will be visible in the next one year. He said that on the basis of all this we decided that we will increase our revenue at the rate of 22 percent and we will make our efforts honestly.

He said that a new divisional finance and accounting training institute will be established to provide finance and accounting training facilities to government servants in Durg division. For this, a provision of Rs 1 crore 50 lakh has been made for the creation of 18 new posts and construction of the building. Along with this, a provision of Rs 1 crore has also been made for the construction of a new building of the Divisional Finance and Accounts Training Institute, Raipur. OP Chaudhary said that we will definitely establish a good coordination between all the ministries and discuss with the ministers, so that illegal colonies can be controlled. He said that our government is committed to ensure that the pace of development does not stop and that capital expenditure continues, roads and bridges continue to be built, and amidst so many big financial claims, we are trying to move ahead.

Giving information, Minister Choudhary said that a provision of Rs 7 thousand 729 crore 14 lakh is included in the budget for payment of pension and retirement benefits of government servants. With this, regular pension, family pension, commutation amount, gratuity, leave encashment will be paid to about 1 lakh 31 thousand pensioners of the state. This also includes a provision of Rs 340 crore for pension fund.

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