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Dantewada:Naxalites drive out two families from village; The house of one of these policemen, the other accused of being police informer

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  • The case of Palamadagu village in Nakulnar region, the family came to know about Polampalli
  • Maoists issued a decree after meeting late on Wednesday night in Jaggavaram area

In Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, Naxalites have expelled two families from the Nakulnar region from the village. A family member has been accused by the Naxalites of being a police informer. At the same time, the other family member is a policeman. When people from both the families reached Polampally, the whole matter came to light.

The Naxalites had called a meeting of villagers in Jaggavaram area late on Wednesday night. In this meeting, Naxalites accused two families of Palamadugu village of working for the police. Madakam Dhurwa’s family was accused of being a police informer. Another family member is a policeman. He is posted in Dornapal police station.

Naxalites reached Polampalli village late in the evening and both the families issued orders to leave the two families. On Thursday, Madkam Dhurwa left for Polampally with some luggage and his wife and four children. When he reached Polampally late evening, the people of the area came to know. At the same time, the youth of another family has reached Polampalli with his wife and 3 children in a tractor.

On getting information from the Collector about the arrangements for the stay of the families, Collector Chandan Kumar has sent the officials to arrange the stay and food of the two families. Local villagers are currently providing immediate assistance to both the families. It is being told that the Naxalites have changed their strategy. This week, Naxalites also issued warning letters to the suppliers of the police force.

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