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Coronavirus in Indore: 20 minutes of sun and combating corona virus, research has concluded

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Coronavirus in Indore: Harshal Singh Rathore Indore: 20 minutes of sunlight between 11 am and 2 am is most effective for Indians in the transition period. This experiment increases the immunity rapidly in corona infections. For those who have not been hit by the corona, this is a better way of protection.

This result is the conclusion of a research. In this research, 60 experts from the country have worked under Diabetes India, National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation and Nutrition Expert Group India. Among them, Dr. Preeti Shukla, resident of Indore from Madhya Pradesh was also the sole expert. Indeed, it is an established fact that sunshine is a good source of vitamin-D, but its widespread impact in the Corona period has been revealed in national research.

Dieticians conducted research on normal and corona infected patients suffering from diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure to see how the risk of infection could be reduced through diet. According to research, the amount of protein (one gram per kg) and vitamin-D is needed mainly in the diet of every person according to weight. Sunlight is the best source for vitamin-D. A three-time balanced diet is necessary for protein.

This includes bread, rice, lentils, vegetables and yogurt. Zinc can be obtained from pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, curd, rajma, almonds, egg, lentils and oats. Orange, lemon, amla are required for salinium (micronutrients) and vitamin C from peanut, egg, mushroom, wheat and rice. To avoid infection, canned food, fried foods, starvation should be avoided for a long time. During this period, fasting has also been advised to reduce.

Afternoon sun is so important

According to Dr. Preeti Shukla, according to international standards, people in the coldest countries of the world need 50000 EU (International Unit) of Vitamin-D per week, while Indians 60000 EU per week. The skin color of Indians is wheatish. Sunlight from 11 to 2 pm is more effective on the skin than in the morning. Most of the sunlight enters inside the body from both arms and face, so do not apply any cream that prevents sun rays. It is recommended to stay in the sun for only 20 minutes, so the risk from parabolic rays is extremely low.

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