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Chief Minister inaugurates online education facility for college students : Facility started at

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1241 videos 280 course material and 18 audio lecture of graduation subjects uploaded

More than 32 thousand students and 3385 professors registered

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today inaugurated the online education facility for college students on It is noteworthy that portal has been started for education of school children. On the same portal, online education facility has been started for college students.

It is known that as the colleges are closed during the lockdown implemented for prevention of corona virus, state government has postponed examinations on all levels. After the lockdown is over, conducting pending exams and continuing with upcoming academic session would be challenging. Keeping this in view, for upcoming academic session, online teaching and learning facility has been provided for college schools on On the occasion, Higher Education Minister Mr. Umesh Patel, School Education Department Principal Secretary Dr Alok Shukla, Higher Education Department Secretary Mrs. Alermel Mangai D.
On this portal, study material in form of PDF, audio and video lessons as per the graduation curriculum have been uploaded. In the near future, study material for post-graduation curriculum will also be uploaded. College professors registered at the portal will be able to upload subject-wise lesson videos, which registered college students will be able to utilize.

Presently, 32 thousand 314 students and 3385 professors are registered on this portal. 1241 videos, 280 course materials and 18 audio files and 137 photo uploads are available as study material. The portal has many other facilities, which is equivalent to classroom experience, Online Interactive Classes will also be organized through this portal. Students will also be provided online home assignment tests, which they can complete at home and click picture and submit it for evaluation. The portal will be utilized after lockdown as well to benefit students of remote areas and tribal regions of the state. Students will be able to learn from professors of other states as well.