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35 deaths in three days, ICU full, treatment of serious patients also increased in normal wards

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ICUs in most hospitals have become full due to the huge increase in the number of corona patients in the capital. Because of this, many serious patients are being treated in normal isolation wards. As a result of this, in the last three days 35 people have died from corona, 15 of them were treated in the normal isolation ward despite the serious condition. According to experts, oxygen to ventilators are needed for serious patients. The ICU of AIIMS and Ambedkar Hospital is packed. Therefore, forcing such patients is also being treated in the ward.
On September 3, 13 patients died in the state, most of whom were admitted in the capital. 5 of these patients were in isolation ward. Isolation ward is a normal ward, in which the symptoms of cold, cough and fever are admitted. The 74-year-old patient of Parshanagar, 51, of Kumhari died in AIIMS. Similarly, in Ambedkar Hospital, a 27-year-old young man from Ravanabhatha, 65-year-old from Bhilai and 52-year-old from Mathpurana died from Corona. It is worth noting that all these patients had problems like breathing, diabetes, kidney and pneumonia. The question arises, corona patient suffering from pneumonia and kidney was treated in isolation ward instead of ICU. Doctors say in this regard that the bed is packed in the ICU, so patients are forced to be treated in isolation ward. In such a situation, patients are also dying. Patients who died on 1 and 2 September,
40 ICU beds to
be increased in Ambedkar 40 beds in ICU will be increased in Ambedkar. Currently there are 60 beds, which is fully packed. There is a total of 500 beds for patients, which is planned to be 700 beds. Increased beds in the ICU will help in treating serious patients. Experts say that if someone dies in the isolation ward, it is a bad situation. Serious patients should receive ICU.

“ICU beds are being increased in Ambedkar Hospital. Now more serious patients are coming. Increasing beds in ICU will provide relief.”

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