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Three-Day Bank Holiday Alert! Financial Institutions To Shut Down On THESE Dates | Personal Finance News

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New Delhi: As India gears up to celebrate Republic Day on January 26, the much-awaited parade is set to kick off at 10:30 am. The procession will follow the route from Vijay Chowk to Kartavya Path, showcasing the grandeur of the Indian armed forces, police, and paramilitary groups. This year, the honored chief guest for the festivities is French President Emmanuel Macron.

Venue And Audience

Rajpath in Delhi will be the focal point for the celebrations, where approximately 77,000 people will gather to witness the spectacular event. Out of this, 42,000 seats are reserved for the general public, providing an opportunity for citizens to participate in the patriotic celebrations. (Also Read: Flipkart Announces Annual Workforce Restructuring: 1,000 Employees To Be Let Go)

Bank Holiday On Republic Day

Wondering if tomorrow is a bank holiday? Yes, January 26 is indeed a bank holiday. Given that banks typically observe holidays on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, Republic Day, falling on a Friday this year, extends the break into a long weekend. With the subsequent fourth Saturday on January 27 and Sunday on January 28, banks will resume operations only on Monday, January 29. (Also Read: Riding The Billions: Meet Indian Tycoon Whose Company Powers Luxury Giants BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce And Net Worth Is Rs…)

January’s Holiday Calendar

January has been an eventful month on the holiday front, with a total of 16 bank holidays, including weekends and an additional half-day off on January 22 for the Ram Mandir inauguration. It’s essential to note that holiday schedules align with local customs, varying across different states in India.

Upcoming Weekends With Bank Closings

Looking ahead, here are the upcoming weekends when banks will be closed – January 7 (Sunday), January 13 (Second Saturday), January 14 (Sunday), January 21 (Sunday), January 27 (Fourth Saturday), and January 28 ( Sunday).