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Irfan Pathan Told The Truth About Rohit’s Body Language To Those Who Considered Him As Lazy

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Rohit Sharma’s body gestures, it seems that he does not believe in hard work, but the misunderstanding of the former Team India all-rounder will clear everyone’s misconceptions. He said that Rohit Sharma, the vice-captain of the Indian ODI and T20 team, used to work very hard even in the early days of his career and it is the same today. However, looking at him, it seemed that he was very relaxed during his batting.

Irfan Pathan said in the Star Sports show Cricket Connected that many people get the misunderstanding that when they see a player who has a lot of time. Then it is said that they need to work hard. Former India opener Wasim Jafar had a similar perception. Wasim was quite relaxed when he ran for a run. He had a lot of time and everyone had to think that he does not work hard, but the truth was that he used to work very hard. 

Irfan said that seeing Rohit Sharma from outside in this way, we thought that he needed to work a little more. But it is not so that they work very hard. Regarding Rohit, Pathan further said that he always talks about everything with intelligence and because of this he is very successful as a batsman and as captain of Mumbai Indians in IPL.

Regarding Rohit, Irfan said that he always talked about hard work and also said that the team is the first and his thinking has made him a successful batsman and such a successful captain. Three double centuries in ODIs to Rohit, four centuries in T20 International, five centuries in a World Cup season and four titles as captain in IPL prove how hardworking and amazing cricketers he is. 

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