May 18, 2024

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Unlock-4: Metro may start, schools and colleges will remain closed; Guidelines may be released soon: sources

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The preparations for the next phase of Unlock have started. According to Home Ministry sources, schools, colleges and other educational institutions in Unlock-4 (Unlock-4) can remain closed at this stage also. At the same time, there is news that metro services can start in this phase.

New Delhi. It has been reported from the sources in the Home Ministry that schools and colleges can remain closed even in Unlock-4. Unlock-4 may start in September. After the approval of various examinations, such speculations were being made that all the educational institutions including school-college etc. could be opened in Unlock-4. But sources have been quoted saying that even at this stage of unlocking, the government has not given permission to open school colleges. Along with this, strict restrictions on the Containment Zone will continue in this phase also. Apart from this, metro services can be resumed in this phase. The Home Ministry may soon issue detailed guidelines regarding Unlock-4.

Explain that in the third phase of unlock started from August 5, approval was given to open a gym and yoga institute. Apart from this, lockdown was also ordered in the Containment Zone till 31 August. Night curfew was also lifted in the third phase of unlock. In the previous phase also the government had not given permission to open cinema hall, while it has been learned that in this phase also the government can keep the cinema hall etc. closed. International flights and regular train services are also not expected to start at present.

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