May 25, 2024

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Today, there will be heavy rains, the clouds will rain in these cities in the next few hours

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New Delhi: The Meteorological Department has issued its bulletin saying that it will rain in many cities during the next few hours. The weather is mixed all over the country. However, the month started with rains and heavy rains also broke the record for many years. At the same time, except for a few places in the country, the rain has slowed down, but the Meteorological Department has already warned that the rainy season is going to start once again and the weather has been predicted by the department around 13 September. Were. As it was expected, today the Meteorological Department has issued a notice of rain and weather deterioration. 

The Meteorological Department of India said on Monday that there will be light rain at different places in north-east Delhi today. IMD issued an alert saying, ‘Light to moderate rains are expected in the surrounding areas including Shamli, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur and Deoband. Light rain will occur at different places in north-east Delhi (Badli, Model Town, Azadpur, Burari) in the next few minutes. There itself During the next 2 hours, light to moderate rains will occur at different places in Delhi (Preet Vihar) and light to moderate rains will occur in areas around Roorkee. 

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