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These 5 frequent changes in the body point towards weak immunity, do not ignore them

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It is extremely important to keep yourself fit in the Corona period. If immunity is strong, it can be easily overcome with this disease. Many times it is not known that the virus has been attacked on the body. But this season the immunity system is a frequent week. We are not aware of it. Therefore it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms. With which we are prepared to fight disease.

This is how immunity is weak

1. Getting sick again and again

Doctors say that if disease is stopping your path again and again, get smarter. Even if it is a normal cold and cold. It should not be taken lightly. Therefore, eat such things in the food that the immune system of the body becomes strong.

2. Allergic reactions

Some people are troubled by allergies. They feel that they are allergic to oil, spices, soap, cream or anything else. If the case of allergy is increasing then this is a sign of weakening immunity.

3. fatigue and lethargy

Feeling tired after a little hard work is also a symptom of weakening immunity . Fatigue starts even without doing anything. Therefore, the body should be kept fit.

4. Late healing

The body is hurt and the wounds are delayed. This can also be a concern. This shows that something is going wrong inside the body. In such a situation, advice should be taken immediately from the doctor.

5. stomach problem

People who have persistent stomach problems, their immunity is also weak. Symptoms like constipation, gas, stomachache, flatulence etc. also indicate weakness of immunity.

That’s why patients are increasing

In comparison to cold and heat this season, the number of infected is increasing because the corona virus is easily attacked due to low body resistance . This causes the body to delay in stopping it and by then the patient starts getting infected. Contact cases have also increased a lot this season.

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