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There is a golden employment opportunity for the youth in Railways.

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There is a golden employment opportunity for the youth in the Railways. Station ticket booking agents (STBAs) will be placed at 43 railway stations of Varanasi division to sell tickets. In this, he will get commission on every ticket, but the condition is that at the station at which he will be placed, the applicant must be a resident of that district.

It is also the responsibility of station master to operate trains at small railway stations to sell tickets. The system sometimes gets messed up during the passing of trains. The station master goes to deliver the signal and announcements of the train and people start committing at the counter.
The railway administration has decided to hire ticket agents at small railway stations in view of better running of trains. The agent’s ticket will be paid according to the sales slab. If the ticket sales are higher then the commission percentage will also increase.
The agreement will be for three years
Tender for STBA has been withdrawn in Varanasi division of North Eastern Railway. Tender can be submitted till September 29. There is a tender form for Rs 1180 and the applicant will have to submit two thousand rupees as security. Applicants can get detailed information on . Chinhit

stations of Gorakhpur division
, Paniyahwa, Sardaranagar, Kusmhi, Unnaula, Tamkuhirod, Dudahi, Noonkhar, Kathkuian

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