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There are more than 61 thousand police personnel in the country, Corona positive, CRPF most affected

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New Delhi: For seven months, the entire world including India has been facing the Kovid-19 epidemic. The number of infected people in the world has exceeded 2.41 lakhs. At the same time 824,514 patients have also died due to this. If we talk about the recovered patients, then this number is 15,785,617. In the context of India, the number of patients infected here has reached 3,234,474, while 59,449 patients have also died. Apart from this, 2,467,758 patients have also been cured.

Let us tell you that a large number of Corona warriors have also come from Kovid-19. These include the policemen engaged in protecting the common people in the country and also the soldiers standing at the border of the country. The statistics of the recently released Indian Police Foundation are quite shocking in this regard. According to this, the total police force in the country is about 3035632. Of these, about 61935 security forces personnel are infected with Kovid-19. 25013 jawans have been quarantined while 373 have also died. According to the data, the maximum policemen in Maharashtra are Corona positive. Talking about paramilitary forces, CRPF personnel have come in the most vulnerable. Apart from this, no jawans have been infected in eight states and union territories.

number here is 14067. Here 8 thousand soldiers have been quarantined while 142 have also died so far. The total number of jawans in West Bengal at number two is 96187 while 4500 Kovid-19 are infected here. 20 soldiers have also died here. It is followed by Jharkhand where 3640 policemen have been infected. Seven soldiers have lost their lives here. At number four is Andhra Pradesh, where the number of policemen infected with Kovid-19 is 3600 and 18 soldiers have also died. At number five is Assam where the total number of jawans is 64998 and 3455 jawans are infected with this deadly virus. Here 1127 jawans have been quarantined while 13 have also died so far. Tamil Nadu is at number six in this list where 3000 soldiers have been infected by it Are and 4 soldiers have died so far. At number seven is Delhi, the capital of the country, where 2600 policemen have been infected so far. 291 personnel have been quarantined here, while 19 soldiers have died. At number eight is Uttar Pradesh where the number of jawans is 294495 and 1604 jawans are infected with it and 4 jawans have also died. At number 9 is Karnataka where the total number of jawans is 89009 whereas 1026 Kovid-19 is positive here. At number 10 is Punjab where 831 jawans are infected by it and 2 have also died. Number one is Karnataka where the total number of jawans is 89009 whereas 1026 Kovid-19 is positive here. Punjab at number 10 is where 831 jawans are infected and 2 have died. Number one is Karnataka where the total number of jawans is 89009 whereas 1026 Kovid-19 is positive here. Punjab at number 10 is where 831 jawans are infected and 2 have died.

  • The total strength of CRPF personnel is 301830 in the country. So far, 6941 jawans have been infected and 34 have died. Twenty-one jawans have been quarantined.
  • The total strength of BSF personnel is 242440. Most of its jawans are present at the border but they are placed anywhere under different circumstances. These are the first line of defense along the border with Bangladesh in West Bengal. So far, 4030 jawans have been infected, 7981 have been quarantined, while 14 jawans have died so far.
  • The total number of personnel of CISF is 143216 while its 4129 personnel have been found positive by the virus and 142 have been quarantined. At the same time, 19 have died so far.
  • The total number of ITBP personnel is 82861 and 2457 of its soldiers have been infected so far. 90 soldiers have been quarantined and 3 have died so far.
  • Of the 81119 jawans attached to SSB, 1362 have been found to be corona positive so far. So far four of its soldiers have died due to this.
  • So far 427 jawans belonging to NDRF have been found infected with it. The soldiers of this force come forward to help the common people in emergency situations like flood, fire, earthquake affected areas etc.
  • The total number of personnel in the NSG, which provides security to the VIP class of the country, is 10358. So far 93 corona corpses have been infected.
  • Talking about RPF, its total strength is 64945 and 70 of its soldiers are infected and one has died.
  • 72 personnel of Assam Rifles are infected while 1 has also died.

No security personnel in Mizoram, Sikkim, Dadra Nagar Havel and Daman and Diu, Chandigarh, Ladakh and Lakshadweep have come across it, which is a good thing. There are 13 states in the country where less than 100 security personnel are vulnerable. These do not include states where no security personnel have been found to be positive.

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