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The Indian Army will have to grapple on both sides of the LOC and LAC amid the rain of bullets

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Jammu. In the next few months, the Indian Army will have to fight on two fronts simultaneously on LAC and LOC. On the LAC, the Chinese Army is opening a front in Ladakh and now on the LoC the Pak Army has started terrible activities. Defense officials are also expressing concern about this.

Despite the 814 km long LoC and 264 km IB ie Pakistan along with the ceasefire on the international border, Pak Army shells are creating a terrible atmosphere. His purpose behind the ceasefire violation is to send terrorists and weapons to this side.

Ceasefire violation 3200 times in 8 months:How terrible the situation is on the LoC can be gauged from the fact that despite the ceasefire in order to give a befitting reply to the Pak Army, which violated the 3200 times long break in the last 8 months, the Indian Army has had to open the mouth of Bofors cannons many times. . Every time the Pak army has to suffer tremendous damage, but despite this, it does not desist from such works.

Despite the ceasefire on the LOC and IB, there is a war environment. At present, this is not the case on LAC, but when the war breaks out, it cannot be said. Despite the ceasefire, the LOC and IB are being bombarded by Pak Army every day. In such a situation, people are worried about whether the ceasefire will be able to complete its 17 years on 26 November this year.

The atmosphere of concern is also about LAC, where the Chinese military is continuously increasing the number of its troops. An estimated 70 to 80 thousand Chinese soldiers have arrived in the Ladakh sector. Both sides are face to face. Just a spark is needed and war between the two can break out at any time. Such efforts have been made several times by the Chinese Army in the last 3 weeks, so that the spark of war could erupt.

4 times firing from China:Now the Indian Army has also admitted that during this period, Chinese soldiers have fired on the LAC about four times. The Indian Army is also facing similar charges. However, the Indian Army said that only aerial firing was done to push the efforts of Chinese troops to encroach. It is difficult to say when this aerial firing turns into face-to-face firing.

However, LAC environment is going to be more terrible than LOC. Nearly 1.5 lakh soldiers have been deposited from both sides. In addition to tank regiments, artillery, missiles have also been deployed. Air Force fighter aircraft are constantly thundering the sky. In such a situation, everyone is concerned about the coming months. Particularly the cause of concern of the Indian side is the opening of the fronts of LOC and LAC together.

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