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Rail travel time from Delhi to Bhopal will be reduced by 45 minutes

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There is a relief news for people traveling by rail in Bhopal. Now the travel time between Bhopal and Delhi is going to be reduced by 45 minutes. This change will happen due to the operation of trains on the third rail line after the new speed protocol is implemented in October. Commissioner Railway Safety has given preliminary approval to the new speed protocol. There is a preparation to operate trains on the third railway line from Bhopal to Bina and beyond to Gwalior.

This benefit will be given to
Bhopal Express about half an hour and Shatabdi Express will reach 45 minutes before destination. At the time of lockdown, various railway boards have handled the work of changing the railway tracks in their respective areas, from them to improvement. Which will still help in increasing the speed.

We go by private trains run in future benefit
Officials aim to increase the speed of trains to the lack of a travel time lag between Mumbai and Delhi and a half hours to be saved at any time of stay. Private trains run in future will also directly benefit from this.

According to the low rail officials rotating the track, during the lockdown, the rotation of the track has also been reduced in many places. In such cases, where there were minor rotations, they have been completely eliminated. After this change, trains will be easier to run at a maximum speed of 30 to 40 km per hour than before.

Work done at more than 11 places in Gwalior-Jhansi section,
officials said that to increase the speed of trains, the distance between the joints between the tracks has been increased by reducing the rotation at many places. Which has also helped to increase the speed, which has started coming up during the ongoing trial. This work has been done at more than 11 places, especially in the Gwalior-Jhansi section.

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