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Poisonous gas leak in China mine, 16 people died of suffocation

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On Sunday, 16 people died in a mine in China due to a poisonous gas leak. These people died in the mine due to increased levels of carbon monoxide there.

According to the NYT, there is a coal mine in southwestern China, due to which the level of carbon monoxide gas increased on Sunday, due to which the laborers working there started having problems in breathing which led to the death of 16 people. Has gone. 16 people died due to excessive increases. China’s Chongqing Municipal Administration posted on social media that a total of 17 people were trapped in the mine. Only one person has survived this accident, who has been admitted to the hospital. The rest of the people could not be saved despite all efforts.

According to the report of the NYT, the burning of a conveyor belt in the mine greatly increased the level of carbon monoxide gas. However, it was not clear what this belt was made of. It is known that rubber belts are also used to extract coal from underground coal mines. The district administration has been quoted as saying that the mine located in Qijiang district is connected to the local energy company. It is said that such accidents happen frequently in China, and there is a very poor record of safety in the mines there.

Last December, 14 workers lost their lives due to an explosion caused by coal and gas in a mine in China. The incident took place in the southwestern Guizhou province. Earlier in December 2018 also, seven workers were killed due to soft collapse in a mine in Chongqing, China. In October 2018, 21 workers were tragically killed in a mine in Shandong state. In this way, such accidents happen frequently in China’s mines

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