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PM Modi’s surprise visit gave a special message to Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Amidst the border dispute with China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) suddenly reached Leh on Friday. Here he met the jawans at the advance post and took stock of the current situation. This surprise visit of PM Modi has given a strong message to Chinese President Xi Jinping that India will not back down under any circumstances.

In the eyes of defense experts, Prime Minister Modi’s arrival in Leh amidst tension is a very good step for India in strategic terms. There will be three obvious benefits. First of all, the morale of our soldiers will increase because when any army sees its Prime Minister in the battle field, its confidence increases manifold. Second, there will be pressure on China to return to the old position on Line of Actual Control (LAC) and thirdly it will send a clear message to the whole world that India is not going to back off under any circumstances.

Defense experts believe that this visit of PM Modi will prove to be very important in the direction of ending China’s Dadagiri. China has definitely got the message that we will not back down. If the Chinese soldiers stand on the LAC, then our soldiers will also stand, we will not compromise in any situation.

According to Prasoon Sharma, knowing about the India-China affairs, the Prime Minister’s visit has given a strong message to China as well as Pakistan. Both of them must have understood that they cannot win in any kind of war against India. The PM’s sudden arrival in Leh shows that India is fully prepared to compete with China and the whole country stands with its army. The Prime Minister’s visit will give strength, morale and strength to the army personnel posted on the front line.

At the same time some experts also believe that by going to Leh, the Prime Minister will get information about the ground situation. Also, they will be able to understand how the current situation is and what else needs to be done in the direction of military preparations. Significantly, earlier, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh was going to Leh with CDS Bipin Rawat but suddenly Prime Minister Modi reached. The PM is also accompanied by CDS Bipin Rawat and Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane.

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