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People asked – what do you need in a birthday gift, PM Modi counted the entire wish list, asked these 5 things from the countrymen

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has celebrated his 70th birthday on 17 September i.e. Thursday. During this, he was greeted by many veterans of the country and the world on his birthday. From morning on social media, there was a wave of people wishing PM Modi a birthday. In the end, PM Modi tweeted and thanked everyone and also told him what he wanted on his birthday gift. 

In a tweet late on Thursday night, PM Modi thanked those congratulating him on his birthday and appealed to everyone to wear masks and follow social distancing rules on the birthday gift. Many people were asking him on social media what do you want your birthday gift. After this, PM Modi tweeted late at night and told what he needed a gift on his birthday and he put his entire wish list on Twitter. 

PM Modi tweeted at 12.38 minutes in the night, ‘Since many people have asked what I want on my birthday, I am telling here the things that I want now.’ After this, PM Modi enumerated his wish list which is as follows-

  • Wear a mask and wear it properly.
  • Follow social distancing. 
  • Always keep two yards in mind. 
  • Avoid going to crowded place. 
  • Boost your immunity.

After this, in the end PM Modi said, Let us make our world healthy. Earlier in a tweet, PM Modi also thanked those who wish the birthday. PM Modi tweeted, ‘People from all over the country and the whole world gave their best wishes. I am grateful to all who congratulated me. These wishes give me strength to serve my citizens and work towards improving their standard of living.

Please tell that the cases of corona virus in the country have crossed 51,18,254 and more than 83 thousand people have died. According to Health Ministry data, the number of active cases in the country is 10,09,976 and 40,25,080 people have been cured. 

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