May 25, 2024

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New tension: 23 people who have recovered in Faridabad were infected again

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Faridabad still confuses people that once they get corona and then they get cured, they cannot have corona again. There are cases coming from different states in India, where even after recovering from corona, they came back to the corona (Coronavirus dubara bhi ho sakta hai). One thing is clear from these cases and the antibodies that protect you from corona do not accompany for long. People have been heard saying that now their antibodies have been made and they are not afraid, but the reality is that antibodies also work in the body only for 60 to 80 days after that. In Faridabad, 23 people have been re-infected.

Corona infection was again detected in 23 such people.
The ESIC on Wednesday revealed that the city has again been diagnosed with corona infection in 23 people who had previously been declared infection-free. Most of these include ESIC College staff and others. However, the Health Department and ESIC have expressed the need for research on this. Most of these patients have been found positive again after 1 month or 70 days of being declared infection-free, while 2 or 3 patients have been reported to get infection again after 20 days.

16,407 people have been infected so far
, according to the data released by the department Tuesday, 16,407 people have been infected in the district so far. Of these, 14,446 have also recovered. However, people who have been declared infection free again corona virus Is seen coming in the grip of. On the other hand, there is also a possibility of a rise in the pace of infection if the temperature drops in the coming days.

All had mild symptoms before
According to ESIC, out of the 23 people who were re-infected, most of them were in good health. Only a few people were ill. Everyone had mild symptoms during the first infection. He said that most of the 23 patients have been found positive again after 1 month or 70 days of being declared infection-free, while there are 2 or 3 people, who have re-infection after just 20 days. The deputy dean told that antibodies arrive in the body after 14 days, which lasts for two to two and a half months. Of those who have had coronas again, only 30 percent have antibodies and the remaining 70 percent have no antibodies.

corona research again . Dr. AK Pandey, deputy dean of ESIC Medical College and Hospital, said that there may be many reasons for recurrence and there is a need for research. According to him, antibodies against corona in the cured person may not have developed or the patient’s immunity is low. He said that other people, including our medical staff, have been found to be infected again.

People are thinking that he will not be infected again after recovering from Corona. He is thinking this wrong because many people are coming who are having corona again. Therefore people need to be vigilant. – Dr. Rambhagat, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

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