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Naxalite commander Ganapathi to be reported in Telangana, may surrender soon

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Jagdalpur:The surrender of Ganapati alias Laxman Rao, the top Naxalite leader and former head of the Maoist Central Committee, could not be confirmed even on Wednesday. There are indications that he is in touch with the Telangana Police and his surrender may be announced within the next two to three days. Ganapati’s dedication towards ending the damage caused by Naxalites can prove to be a huge success.

A reward of Rs 36 lakh is declared on 80-year-old Ganapati. Very few people have seen him in public. According to reports, Ganapathi is in touch with the police for surrender. However, the surrender has not been officially confirmed. For the last two days, it is reported that Ganapati is trying to surrender in Telangana, but the officials there are not ready to say anything officially on this.

Ganapathy, a resident of Sarangpur in Karimnagar district of Telangana, has been active in the Maoist movement for 30 years. He was the secretary of the Central Committee of Maoists for a long time. In 2018, he resigned due to health reasons. Ganapati was arrested by the police for the first time in 1977. He was later released on bail in 1979. He has never been approached by the police since.

Surrender due to illness

Experts say that Ganapati has also got away from Naxal activities due to old age. Apart from this, he is also said to be ill. He is said to be surrendering for the purpose of treatment. In the last few years, many top Naxalite leaders have either been killed or arrested. In such a situation, the circumstances of the Naxalite movement are becoming disintegrated.

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