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Microsoft and walmart together will buy tiktok!

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New Delhi. Tiktok has been in a lot of controversy for the last few days, due to which it has also remained in the headlines continuously. It has now taken a new turn, under which US giant retail giant Walmart has entered into a joint bid with Microsoft to buy TickTock’s business. The Oracle Corporation was already involved in this race and now Walmart has also become a part of the race.

Now the question is, what kind of political environment is there in America, will the deal be proved better? This is something to see.

According to the report, Ticketcock’s parent company Bytdance is close to an agreement between US President Donald Trump’s scheduled 90-day deadline to sell its businesses in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, including the US, for $ 20 billion. To be decided between $ 30 billion.

However, its future is uncertain at the moment amid a lawsuit against Ticktock’s executive order banning the Trump administration in the US with its parent company ByteDance within 45 days. How beneficial it will be for American companies to acquire it, it is too early to say anything on this.

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