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LPG Gas Cylinder Cashback Offer: Gas Cylinder will be Rs 50 cheaper, how to book online

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New Delhi: The economic condition of the people has deteriorated due to the lockdown in the Corona era. There are many people whose jobs have been missed, while the salaries of many have been cut. In such a situation, his budget has collapsed. In such a difficult situation, your small savings can be very useful. You can start it with a cylinder used in homes. Gone are the days when you had to put a long line for gas booking. Today, sitting at home, you can book a gas cylinder with a missed call. 

In the last few months, the price of gas cylinder has increased, which has a direct impact on your budget. Explain that gas cylinders are booked through different online platforms. But, if you want to book your gas cylinder cheaply, then you can use some of the tricks mentioned here. 

If you book a gas cylinder through Amazon Pay, you will get 50 rupees back. Gas cylinders of Indane Gas, Bharat Gas and HP Gas companies can be booked on Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay Cylinder is offering a cashback of Rs 50 on booking. For this, you have to go to the payment option of Amazon app, after that select your gas service provider and enter your registered mobile number or LPG number here. You have to pay through Amazon Pay.

How long is the offer

Explain that this offer is only on 31 August. Once the gas cylinder is paid, it will be delivered to your home. It is known that you can book gas cylinders of all companies including India, Indane and HP with the help of Umang app. First of all download this app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Now open the app and register according to the on-screen guidelines. Then follow the instructions mentioned, your cylinder will be booked.

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