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LAC fired after 45 years, China blames India for firing

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New Delhi: Tensions between India and China in the Eastern Ladakh region on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) have been steadily increasing. Last night, the Chinese army tried to infiltrate into Ladakh once again and fired towards the Indian post. Responding to this, the Indian Army also fired. At the same time, after this incident, now China has started accusing India once again.

The Chinese government’s mouthpiece Global Times has blamed the entire incident on India. He says that the Indian army illegally crossed the LAC and entered the southern shore of Pangong Lake. Indian soldiers opened fire first. In response, the Chinese army had to forcibly fire. Claimed a clash near Pangog So, quoting a spokesman for the Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command. According to the information, the situation is under control at present.  

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is leaving for a four-day visit to Russia today amidst ongoing tension from China. The foreign minister will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting there. On 10 September, Foreign Minister S.K. Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Yag Yi are to be held in Moscow. Earlier on Friday, talks were held in Moscow between Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng about the border.

Bullet was fired in 1975

There is no hope of easing tensions between India and China on the border. The 45-year-old firing incident occurred between the two countries late Monday. The last time the bullets were fired was on the Indo-China border in Ladakh in 1975. At that time, a patrolling team of Assam Rifles personnel was attacked at Tulung La in Arunachal Pradesh, in which many soldiers were killed. In 1993, there was an agreement between India and China, in which it was agreed that the two countries would not fire on the border under any circumstances. Due to this agreement, on June 15, despite the violent clashes in the Galvan Valley, there was no firing.

Solid solution not found 

There have been several military and diplomatic level talks between India and China several times in the last two and a half months to ease the ongoing tension on the LAC, but no concrete solution to the border dispute was found. This is a major incident of firing in the Galvan valley after a June 15 clash and an attempt to infiltrate the banks of South Pangong Lake on the 29th and 31st of last month. 20 Indian soldiers were killed in that skirmish. Chinese soldiers were also casualties during this period, but China did not make public its details. However, according to the US intelligence report, 35 Chinese soldiers were killed in that incident.

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