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India vs China: If there is a war, whose pan will be heavy ?, Learn- whose armies are so powerful, who has how many weapons

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The world is currently battling the Corona virus, but from where this virus originated, China is now busy preparing for war. Tensions between the two countries are seen deepening after violent clashes along the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh. In the year 2017, the forces of India and China were face to face in the Doklam dispute. This time there is more stress than that time. Now if war happens, it will not be as easy for China as 1962, India will now stand ready to stop the dragon.

There are about 3500 km long LAC between India and China and it has been a subject of tension for many decades. Army Chief General MM Narwane has also said many times that now the Indian Army has the ability to respond to China with full force. Let me tell you that on the night of June 15, there was a violent clash between the soldiers of India and China in Galvan Gati. In this incident, 20 soldiers including a colonel of the Indian Army were killed. While it is being claimed that India also gave a proper answer, more than 40 soldiers of China were killed.
However, China has not yet told the world about its loss. The American news website CNN has said in a report that India’s war could be heavy if war took place. The report claimed that the situation has changed since 1962. Now India’s strength has increased more than before. Now, when there is so much tension on both sides, it becomes important to know in such a situation how much strength is there for which country. Know who is stronger in India and China

Who has how many army
The People’s Liberation Army of China currently has 2.2 million active employees, compared to 1.5 million in India. According to the Global Fire Power Report, in the year 2020, India is the fourth country in the world which has the most powerful army. According to Global Fire Power, India currently has an estimated 3,544,000 military personalities. Of this, 1,444,000 are active and 2,100,000 are Reserve Personal. If you talk about China, it is third in the list of global fire power. China currently has a total of 2,693,000 military personalities. Of this, 21,83,000 are active and 510,000 are reserve personal.

Nuclear power
Both countries have nuclear weapons. China became a nuclear power country in 1964. Whereas after 10 years i.e. in 1974, India also became a nuclear power country. This week, the Stockholm International Peace Report came out which said that India added 10 new nuclear weapons last year. While China has a total of 320 nuclear weapons, India has 150 nuclear bombs.

Airforce strength
China has 270 air-jet jets. While there are 68 aircraft hitting the ground in India. China has only 157 fighter jets. Whereas, they also have much less ground-breaking aircraft than India. The Chinese Army Air Force has 8 airbases on the border. But these are mostly civilian airfields. It is said that China may have difficulty in attacking here. The airbases of Tibet and Jingyang are quite high. Also, due to bad weather, Chinese aircraft cannot fly with more ammunition and fuel. India’s Mirage 2000 and Su-30 jets can fly in any season. While China’s Jet J-10 does not have that much power.

India has more tanks than China
According to Global Firepower, China ranks third and India is fourth in aircraft power. The most important thing is that China has twice as many combat and interceptor aircraft than India. According to Global Firepower, in terms of tanks, China has 3,200 tanks as compared to India with more than 4,200 tanks. According to recent data, China has ten times more rocket projectors than India. While DRDO is testing Prithvi-1 of 150 km range ballistic missile and Prithvi-2 of 250 km range, China has various ballistic missiles, ranging from short range missiles to inter continental ballistic missiles. .

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