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India CoronaVirus Cases: Corona’s biggest boom in the country, 97894 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours

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On Thursday, the biggest jump in corona infection cases was seen. For the first time on Thursday, 97,894 new cases were reported in one day. With these new cases, the number of Kovid-19 patients in the country has increased to more than 51 lakhs. But, the matter of relief is that the number of people recovering from the disease has also increased. According to statistics, more than 40 lakh 25 thousand people have been cured so far. 

According to the data updated by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday morning, the death toll has increased to 83,198 with 1,132 deaths in the last 24 hours. Cases of infection have increased to 51,18,254 in the country, out of which 10,09,976 people are undergoing treatment and 40,25,080 people have recovered from the disease after treatment. Foreign citizens are also involved in total cases of infection.
According to Health Ministry data, the recovery rate of patients has increased to 78.64 per cent, while the death rate has come down to 1.63 per cent. At the same time, 19.73 percent patients are undergoing treatment. The corona mortality in the country is lower than the global average. According to the data released by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR),

more than 11 lakh samples were tested in the last 24 hours
till September 16, a total of 6,05,65,728 samples were tested across the country, of which on Wednesday in one day 11,36,613 samples were examined. 

1 million cases reported in 11 days
In India, Kovid-19 cases had crossed 10 to 20 lakhs in 21 days. After this, in 16 days, it had crossed the figures of 20 to 30 lakhs and in 13 days, 30 to 40 lakhs. At the same time, it took only 11 days to cross the number of 40 lakh to 50 lakh.

According to the state-wise death status
in the last 24 hours, Maharashtra was the highest among the 1,132 people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours. Besides, 86 people died in Uttar Pradesh, 78 in Punjab, 64 in Andhra Pradesh, 61 in West Bengal, 57 in Tamil Nadu, 55 in Karnataka and 33 in Delhi.

According to statistics, a total of 83,198 people have died so far, out of which 30,883 are from Maharashtra. There are 8,559 people from Tamil Nadu, 7,536 from Karnataka, 5,105 from Andhra Pradesh, 4,839 from Delhi, 4,690 from Uttar Pradesh, 4,123 from West Bengal, 3,256 from Gujarat, 2,592 from Punjab and 1,844 from Madhya Pradesh. The Health Ministry has reported that more than 70 percent of the people who died due to infection were also suffering from other diseases.

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