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India China Standoff: Special Battalion of Indian Army gets LAC right, huge success

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India China Standoff: Special Battalion of Indian Army gets LAC right, huge success

India China, India China faceoff, India China border dispute: Tensions between India and China are increasing on Eastern Ladakh border. On 29/30 August, tensions remain between Indian and Chinese troops after a clash near Pangong Lake. The efforts of Chinese soldiers trying to infiltrate the Eastern Ladakh region were thwarted by the Indian Army soldiers. There is news now that the Indian Army has taken pre-emptive action against China and has established its authority in this area.

According to reports, India has captured significant heights that could give the military a strategic advantage over the PLA on the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake. According to the news agency ANI, including a special operation, the Indian Army personnel have captured the height near Thung, near Pengong Tso Lake. Please tell that the Chinese army was in the hunt to capture the southern end of Pangong-tso Lake. Therefore, there was a movement of his soldiers, which was against the states. Therefore, the Indian Army has gathered its officer on that area.

Significantly, the distance to the southern end of Pangong is about 18 kilometers from Chushul and the Chinese claim this area to be in their favor. Two brigade commander level meetings have already been held in Chushul / Moldo to resolve the matter and tension but no result was found. Please tell that the Chinese army has made an appeal to India to reduce the increasing tension on the border. The Chinese military has asked India to withdraw its troops from across the border to prevent escalating border tension.

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