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HRD was renamed as Ministry of Education, new education policy also got approval

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The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development has been renamed as Ministry of Education. The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Also, the new education policy has been approved after 34 years in the meeting. It has been told that detailed information about this will be given in the cabinet briefing to be held at 4 pm today. 

Significantly, the Ministry of Human Resource Development had proposed that the name of the ministry be changed to the Ministry of Education. The cabinet approved the decision in the meeting. At the same time new education policy was also approved. With this decision, there will be a single regulatory body for the entire higher education sector, so that clutter can be eliminated. 

In fact, the Ministry of Education has set up a single regulatory body for higher education, the National Higher Education Regulatory Authority (NHERA) or Higher Education Commission of India. At the same time, the National Education Policy was formulated in 1986 and some changes were made in 1992. Even after three decades, there was no major change in it. 

Ministry of Education to prepare a new national curriculum to improve the quality of education provided at the primary level. Emphasis will be placed on incorporating knowledge of different languages, skills related to 21st century, arts and environment related issues in this framework. 

Online education programs will start in top 100 universities
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a new education policy in the budget this year. Under the new education policy, the ways of education in the country will be changed. This will not only provide new education opportunities to the youth, but will also make it easier to get employment.

While announcing the new education policy, the Finance Minister had said that necessary steps will be taken regarding external commercial borrowings and foreign investment (FDI) in the field of education. The government is planning to launch a program for urban local bodies to give internship opportunities to young engineers.

At the same time, the proposal of National Police University and National Forensic University is also being brought. Apart from this, plans are being prepared to introduce fully online education programs in the top 100 universities. 

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