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Good News! Mahatma Gandhi set to prepare bridge, Nitin Gadkari to inaugurate on 31st

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Good News! Traffic is about to begin once again on Mahatma Gandhi Setu, connecting north and south Bihar once again. Union Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is expected to inaugurate it on July 31. In fact, the Center has sent a proposal to the Bihar government stating that Nitin Gadkari is ready to inaugurate the western lane of Mahatma Gandhi Setu on 31 July if the state government wishes.

It is noteworthy that in view of the havoc of Corona in Bihar, the lockdown has been announced till 31 July. If all goes well, on July 31, Union Minister Mahatma Gandhi may inaugurate the newly constructed western lane of the bridge.

Agreements for the renovation of
Gandhi Setu were agreed in 2014 The Center and the State Government agreed in 2014 to renovate Gandhi Setu. About 1400 crores is being spent on the repair item. Its repair started from the year 2017. The western lane was first broken and then the concrete superstructure of the bridge was removed and replaced with steel. A total of 45 spans have been made. A span of 33 thousand metric tons of steel. The break of the bridge started at the Hajipur end. Therefore, it was also repaired in this direction. Mumbai-based agency Afcons had earlier set a target of commissioning it only in November 2018. But it took longer to break the old structure.

From floods to Corona stopped construction work
When the pillars were made after the structure was broken, due to excess water in the Ganges, the repair work was very difficult. Then the time frame for repairing the bridge was fixed in June 2019 and then December 2019. But in September-October last year, due to excess water in the Ganga, the plant of the agency remained submerged for several days, then it was decided to start it in March. Meanwhile, when Corona’s havoc came to the fore, the work stopped.

The eastern lane will also be operational in the year 2022,
after the movement of trains from the western lane, the eastern lane will be broken. The agency will try to break as much of the eastern lane as possible if the rain falls. Since the agency has experienced difficulties in breaking and forming the western lane. In such a situation, it is expected that the eastern lane will be easily broken compared to the western lane. The eastern lane is also expected to be operational in 2022.

Gandhi Setu (Mahatma at a glance Setu Gandhi At A Glance)
– In 1969, Mahatma Gandhi laid the foundation of the bridge went
began work to build a bridge from -1972
 to -1982 Indira Gandhi a lane opening
– Second Gandhi bridge in 1987 The lane was started
– felt the need of repair since 1991 – The
crack was first seen on the bridge in 1998
– Mahatma Gandhi bridge is 5.575 km long

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