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Good news for CBSE students, now everything will be paperless from September 1

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Meerut, CBSC is now going to be completely paperless for every kind of correspondence and exchange of information from schools. CBSE has developed a portal called e-Harkara in this regard, in which all schools will be able to send all their information, complaints, applications, suggestions etc. to the concerned departments and regional offices. CBSE has asked all schools to use the e-Harkara portal as mandatory. Along with this, it has also been informed that from September 1, CBSC will not accept any kind of offline or email correspondence. All the action will be done through e-Harkara portal and it will be mandatory for every school to use it.

Fully online

According to CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi, CBSE has already done all the action related to the affiliation, examinations and academics etc. Some of the remaining arrangements were made completely online during the lockdown. Even after this, all kinds of complaints and applications were sent through the school paper and email. Now e-Harkara portal has been developed to make it completely online. Schools will provide every information on this portal using their login ID and password. With this, their applications and complaints will reach the responsible officials of the concerned department. Till now no complaints have been received for not taking any action on applications or complaints. The main reason for this has been that correspondence sent from schools could be sent anywhere through paper or e-mail which did not reach the concerned officials.

Will save paper and time too

CBSE argues that while the use of paper will stop completely from the system, there will also be time to send letters to departments through e-mail and wait for its reply. The complaint related to any department of the school through the portal will reach that department directly and they will also get the answer directly. It will take minimum time. The paper will not cost anything and action can be ensured quickly. This will make it easy for the schools to reach out to the concerned person or to the department. At the same time, CBSE will also have the opportunity to directly connect with the schools and directly see, hear and redress their problems and suggestions or applications.

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