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Front against Containment Zone in Mangalabazar, Baijnathpara also hotspot with 16 cases and 1 death

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Mangalbazar sealed for 28 days, scandalous administration and sharp focus on ignoring

Mangalbazar sealed for 28 days, scandalous administration and sharp focus on ignoring

The people of Seal Mangalbazar got angry on Wednesday after the corona got more than 50 patients. People gathered near the barricades and created a ruckus, accusing the administration of alleged misbehavior and deprivation even to ration. People say that due to being sealed for about a month, private employees have not been paid. Initially, the administration sent ration for two to four days, but since then there is no provision for anything. Therefore, it has become difficult. Earlier, there were also reports of a health worker who came to collect samples from a part of Mangalbazar. Here, in Baijnathpara, the administration has sealed the entire locality on Wednesday evening, after receiving 16 cases of corona in the last one week and three days after one death.
The uproar in Mangalbazar continued from morning to evening. In the morning, the health staff had come to take a sample of those who had come in direct contact with the positive people. But people refused to take samples and after much controversy the health staff was chased away. The health workers returned from there without taking a sample. Subsequently, in the afternoon people suddenly gathered near the barricades and created a ruckus demanding the seal be opened. People said that the day the Containment Zone was formed, the administration staff went to the people by distributing ration. But now there is no help and rationing is over. Half the people do not have a card, so they are not even able to get food grains from the ration shop. Some people said that a private person was denied salary this month, because he has not been able to go to work for a month.
Police will investigate
After the uproar was reported, SDM Pranab Singh and ASP Tarakeshwar Patel arrived with the force and talked to the people and explained them, then the people left. Other officers were also called there. He informed that everyone is being given free ration from the ration shop. Health officials also said that according to officials there are frequent patients. But those who come in contact with him are not being investigated. So now the Health Department team will go to the police and investigate. While people claim that most of the people have been tested. Positive people have been sent to the hospital. Despite this, the area is not being opened.

In Baijnathpara,
due to the receipt of one and a half dozen corona positives planted in the presence of police, Baijnathpara reached the force quite soon after sealing it. The administration has not yet clarified, but people said that even there Corona patients have not been able to check the primary contact, because people are not getting ready. It is being told that some samples of some people have been taken there on Wednesday night. Their investigation report will come in two days. If new positives are not found, the container area will be opened in 14 days. But if the positive found due to the examination of their contact, the time of sealing can also increase. However, people say that all 16 patients met 4-5 days ago. It is beyond comprehension to create a container zone then. All the roads in Baijnathpara have not been completely sealed, but barricades have been laid, except in some special premises, questions are also being raised.

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