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Elderly woman appeals to Supreme Court, age limit should not be in law studies

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New Delhi . A old elderly woman has challenged the Bar Council of India rules in the Supreme Court to pursue law. He has demanded to abolish the maximum age limit of 30 years for admission to the college for studying law. Also, in her petition, the petitioner has appealed to the Supreme Court to intervene on the already pending petition challenging the BCI rules.

77-year-old Rajkumari Tyagi, a woman from Sahibabad in Uttar Pradesh, filed a petition after she was refused admission for a three-year LLB course. According to BCI rules, the maximum age limit for a five-year course of LLB is 20 years, while the maximum age limit for a three-year LLB course is 30 years.

The old man’s interest in studying law increased

The petition said that after her husband’s death, her interest in law education to handle her real estate grew. He faced many legal hurdles during that time and felt the need of a lawyer at every stage. Then whether it be laws related to the will or proving identity through documents.

Claimed this in petition

The petition also claimed that BCI’s new rules violate Article 14 of the Constitution (Right to Equality). 19 (1) violates the right to do any business and violates the right to life and personal liberty of 21. Therefore, the petitioner Tyagi urged the court that he has the right to study law under Article-21 from any institution or college of his choice.

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