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Donald Trump’s decision, Tik-Tok to be banned in 24 hours, America’s big action on China

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Tik-Tok Ban in US: US President Donald Trump has decided that the Chinese video sharing app Tik-Talk will be banned in the country (US Tik Tok Ban). Orders can be issued on Saturday.

US has taken a major decision amid growing tensions with Washington China and espionage allegations against it. On the lines of India, US President Donald Trump has decided that the Chinese video sharing mobile app Tic-Talk in the country will be banned. Executive instructions will be brought soon for this. At the same time, there are also reports that leading tech company Microsoft may buy it operations in the US. Let us know that India has banned 106 Chinese mobile apps in two times.

Regarding the order of Donald Trump, the order on Saturday has been told by AF1 that as far as the tick-talk is concerned, it will be banned in the US and it may be that action will be taken on Saturday. Earlier, Trump had said, “We can do some other things, there are many options but a lot of things are happening so we will see what happens but we are looking at many options regarding tick-talk.” ‘

Microsoft may buy
It is also being discussed that Tick-Tock’s operation in the US can buy the famous technology company Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Microsoft was negotiating in this direction and that a billion-dollar deal could be reached by Monday. Tick-Talk’s parent company, BiteDance, will be among the representatives of Microsoft and White House. However, it is not necessary that the deal is done and according to media reports, President Trump himself does not want any such deal to be done.

India banned 59 more apps
The 25-member US Congress team urged President Donald Trump to take action in this regard and take concrete steps to secure the data of US citizens. He had said that the Communist Party of China is further advanced by the data of Tiktok. At the same time, India banned 47 more apps from China. In the past, 59 apps from China have been banned, including TikTok. Later banned apps include mostly cloning apps.

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