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Delivery of goods will be done in just half an hour, this company got permission to supply drones

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New York Online Shopping When we buy goods from the market, we immediately pay it and take it with us, but in online shopping, the delivery of goods takes place after a few days and the customer has to long wait for his favorite goods. But now if the goods are purchased from Amazon, then the goods will be delivered in just half an hour. Amazon, the company of the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, has now got permission to deliver goods from the drone. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now allowed the Amazon company to deliver packages with drones.

Delivery from drone will start soon

After getting permission from the Amazon company, it said that this is an important step, but the company is still doing drone flight and other tests. However, the company did not say how long it would start delivering the drone to customers. This giant has been experimenting on the supply of goods via drones for the past several years. The company’s CEO Jeff Bezos said in an interview in 2013 that the company would start delivering drones to customers in 5 years and now with the FAA’s approval, the company’s dream was also fulfilled.

Drone can carry goods up to 5 pounds

Amazon has been awarded a Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate by the FAA. This will enable the company to use its prime air drones. At present, the company will have to provide proof of delivery safety and will also have to show a trial in front of the FAA. The company reported last year in Los Vegas about an electric hexagon drone that could carry up to 5 pounds of luggage.

Significantly, Amazon is currently delivering in one day in many countries of the world. Amazon Part 135 is the third US company to receive an air carrier certificate. Earlier, Wing Aviation and UPS Flight Forward of Google’s parent company Alphabet got this certificate. But no company has yet started delivery of drones. But Amazon is expected to start delivery from the drone soon.

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