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Delhi: Metro ran empty on the first day, the station was heard

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After waiting for more than five months, the Metro has started operating on the Yellow Line (Samaypuri Badli to Huda City Center). But the metro, which started in the midst of the Kovid epidemic, brought fewer passengers than expected on the first day. But those who arrived are happy with the metro arrangements made to stop the Kovid infection. Metro says that in the coming days when the rest of the line will open, the crowd will also increase.

The metro was operated in two shifts in the evening every four hours. A total of more than 15,500 people traveled throughout the day. 7500 people traveled between 7 and 11 in the first shift. In the second shift between 4 pm and 8 pm, more than 8 thousand people have traveled. There was a slight increase in the evening shift but the metro expected more people to come. According to DMRC, the first day has been good. There was no problem if there was no crowd. But our preparation is complete. It is expected that the crowd will increase in the coming days.

Passengers are arriving at the platform only after three tier checks at the stations. The first is sanitized at the station gate itself. This is followed by sanitized and thermal screening at another level. In the third phase, a security check is done. Special personnel were deployed on the platform to monitor the movement of passengers. The metro was being stopped from 50 seconds to one and a half minutes to prevent the social distance from reaching the metro.

Only the smart card was approved by the passenger at the stations, its counters were opened. He too was getting cashless payments only. Blue Line and Pink Line will be opened on 9 September in the next phase in Delhi. Operating time will also increase with that. All lines will be opened by 12 September.

You will have to travel with the preparation of cashless payment in the Delhi Metro that runs with a debit credit card . If you run out of money in a smart card. If you are fined, then giving cash to him will not work. You have to pay through mobile payment app or pay by debit credit card. On Monday, Rajiv Chowk saw some such cases. In which passengers faced trouble.

Expectation: Passengers will increase on opening of all networks
The number of passengers on the first day of the metro operations was less than expected. DMRC hopes that the rest of the network will open in the coming days. If the interchange station starts, then the crowd of passengers will increase. Now the lines connecting Noida to Ghazibad will open on 9 and 10 September.

Dilemma: People waiting for the metro on the closed line
started operating Delhi Metro, then closed entry exit gate, just one line opened, causing some inconvenience to the people. People had to scramble to locate the entry and exit gates of the station. Apart from this, some passengers at the interchange stations like Rajiv Chowk were seen waiting for the train on the blue line. They thought it might be found. He went out of the station after metro personnel told him.

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