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Defense Minister Rajnath launches ‘Self-reliant India Week’, Swadeshi will get a boost

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh launched the self-sufficient India Week on Monday. During this, he spoke of increasing self-reliance and military forces in the defense sector. In this inaugural program in South Block, he said that all the activities during this week will promote indigenous defense production.

During this, Rajnath Singh said, ‘I am happy to say that for the first time we have brought out a list of 101 items which we will not import now. We call this list a negative list. This includes not only small objects but also large and intensive technology weapon systems.The Defense Minister said, ‘Today, on the occasion of the inauguration of’ Self-Reliant India Week ‘being launched by the DDP, DPSU and OFB of the Ministry of Defense, I am delighted to be present among you all. All activities during this week will promote indigenous defense production.

Singh further said that the dream of ‘Self-reliant India campaign’, in the difficult times of this pandemic, is not only important in terms of economic growth, but a goal to increase our confidence beyond that. ‘ He said that the new India will be such that it will be self-reliant in the fields of bread, clothes, houses, health and education.

He said, if we are able to produce goods in India, then we will be able to save a large capital of the country. With the help of this capital, about seven thousand MSMEs (medium, small and micro industries) will be encouraged which are associated with defense industry.

Earlier, he had said in a tweet that the Ministry of Defense is now ready to take big steps to take forward the ‘Self-reliant India’ initiative. He had said that an epidemic like Corona has told the whole world that countries which will not be self-sufficient will not be able to protect their sovereignty in the true sense. 

In another tweet, Rajnath Singh said that there should be no confusion in anyone’s mind about what this self-reliant India should be like. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, a self-sufficient India will be built which will be self-sufficient in terms of bread, cloth, house as well as education and health.

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