May 26, 2024

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China gathers ammunition at the border, our army is also ready: Rajnath Singh said in Parliament on Ladakh deadlock

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Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh responded to the Lok Sabha on Tuesday on the India-China deadlock over the Ladakh Line of Actual Control (LAC). Rajnath Singh said that the strength of our soldiers is very high and we are ready to deal with any situation. The Defense Minister said that China has collected ammunition at the border, but our army is also ready. Our soldiers are keeping the countrymen safe.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that no one should doubt about our determination to protect our border. India believes that mutual relations and mutual sensitivity are necessary for peaceful relations with neighbors.

He said, “Since April, there has been an increase in the number of Chinese forces and their ammunition along the eastern Ladakh border. In the beginning of May, China started disrupting the patrolling of our army in the Galvan Valley region, which led to the situation of the two sides coming face to face. ‘ He said that there was a confrontation in the Galvan Valley in May. In the middle of May, China tried to infiltrate many areas of western Ladakh. We made it clear through diplomatic and military dialogue with China that this is an attempt to change the border unilaterally and we do not accept it.

He said, ‘I request the House to join me in praising the bravery and bravery of our valor. Our brave soldiers are keeping all the countrymen safe by their tireless efforts in very difficult circumstances. Throughout this period, our brave soldiers kept sobriety where there was a need for restraint and showed valor where valor was needed.

The Defense Minister told the House that the military commanders on both sides met on 6 June 2020, seeing the deadlock over the LAC increasing. It was agreed that dis-engagement should be done. Both sides also agreed that the LAC would be considered and no action would be taken that would alter the status quo. Rajnath Singh said that on June 15, the Chinese army launched a violent skirmish in the Galwan Valley. Our brave army soldiers sacrificed their lives and have also caused a lot of damage to the soldiers of the Chinese army.

‘Both sides strictly follow the LAC’

In Parliament, Rajnath Singh said that both sides should respect and strictly follow LAC. Neither side should attempt to violate the status quo on its behalf. In addition, all agreements between the two parties must be followed. The government has paid attention to the infrastructure at the border in the last few weeks. 

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