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Chhattisgarh Weather Update: Chhattisgarh rains continue for three days, water filled in many areas

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Chhattisgarh Weather Update: Raipur, Newdunia Team. Due to the monsoon system activated after Sawan, continuous rains have continued in the state for the last three days. Due to this, the river streams of the state are in spate. Many villages have been cut off from the district headquarters. Moorrooms and mud passages have been completely damaged. Roads in the major cities of the districts became impure and water filling in the houses became a pond-like sight. On Friday, 1052.9 mm of rain has been recorded in the entire state. While 901 mm is normal rainfall. The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in the next 24 hours as well.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a low pressure area in the northern part of Chhattisgarh, which is located above Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, the cyclical cyclone of air is situated at a height of 7.6 km. The monsoon Dronika Ganganagar, Narnaul, Shivpuri and low pressure areas extend to Midnapore and then to the southeast, extending to the Bay of North Bengal. According to meteorologist HP Chandra, light to moderate rain or thunderstorms are likely to occur in many places in the state on August 29. There is a possibility of heavy rains in the western districts of Bilaspur and Surguja divisions and in the districts north of Durg division.

Districts conditions

Dhamtari: Dam opening gates

There are flooding conditions in the villages of Dhamtari district due to continuous rains. The four dams of the district, Gangrel, Dudhawa, Sondhur, Babu Chhotalal Srivastava dam (Murroomsili dam), continued to receive water inward. With the increase of water logging, 20 thousand cusecs of water can be released from the dam to the river. All the villagers along the river have been asked to be vigilant.

Rajnandgaon: On the Upstream

Rain Friday afternoon, 32 thousand cusecs of water was released from four reservoirs of the district. After this the boom in Shivnath increased. The riverside fields are submerged. In the drains, the boom has been closed from Khairagarh-Durg-Jalabandha and Gandai to Raipur. In Khairagarh, Amner, Muska and Pipariya all three rivers are in spate. Many settlements of the city have become islands. The Narmada temple has also been submerged in Gandai.

Durg: Alert in villages on the banks of river Shivnath

About 10 feet of water is flowing above the Mahmara anicut located on the Shivnath river. The administration has issued an alert in half a dozen villages along the river. Some houses were flooded in the Sankar Nagar, Bidi Colony Urala, Sikola Bhatha area of ​​Durg. The corporation has arranged food packets for about 250 people affected. According to the district administration, the water level of Shivnath can increase further till late night.

Janjgir: Hundreds of kutcha houses collapsed

Hundreds of Kadho houses have been reported to have collapsed in Jajaipur, Baloda and other tehsils due to rain. Water is flowing one foot above the bridge of Mahanadi in Shivrinarayan. The knob between Janjgir and Champa is on the brook. This has severed contact between the two cities. Kanji Nala is also in spate on the route from Kera to Shivrinarayan. Water has entered the houses in the lower part.

Korba: Three bikes flown while crossing the bridge

River drains including the Lilagar River are in spate. In the morning, water is flowing about three feet above the bridge of the body reiki route. Three young men returning from work at the Reiki plant were swept away with bikes in high speed. The villagers somehow saved their lives. Two bikes were found, but one bike was swept away. Four Kadho houses collapsed in the forest side slum of Bankimongra.

Ambikapur: Ghunghutta Dam above danger mark

Ambikapur is also in spate. Here the largest dam in Ghughutta has reached above the danger mark. Two days already, eight gates of the dam have been opened. The rain has brought relief from this morning, but according to meteorologist AM Bhatt, the system that has been built is likely to cause more rain in Surguja.

Raigad: Surajgarh and Chandrapur become islands

The water level of Mahanadi, Mand river and Kelo river of the district is continuously increasing. The islands have been formed due to being situated between Chandrapur and Surajgarh river. Sariya-Barmakela has been cut off from headquarters due to the boom in Lat Nala. An alert has been sounded in the village along the river. Kadho houses are reported to have collapsed in many places due to rain. Cases are being made to give compensation to the affected people.

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