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Air India Express has issued new guidelines for the visit of UAE, giving corona negative report mandatory

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New Delhi: Air India Express on Tuesday carrying the Corona virus (COVID-19) has released a new gadline for passengers traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to this, passengers over the age of 12 years will have to give information about the Corona Negative PCR test on the website of the aircraft from the trip. The directive also states that the report should not be earlier than 96 hours before departure. These reports should be from a government recognized lab or a certified lab on the website. 

Currently, a seven-day institutional quarantine and a seven-day home quarantine are mandatory for those coming from abroad by international aircraft in India. However, those submitting negative RT-PCR test reports are exempted from this. This report should not be earlier than 96 hours after the aircraft took off. In addition, only crew members who are negative in the corona test are allowed to operate the aircraft. 

Please tell that there have been more than 31 lakh cases of corona in India. According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 31 lakh 67 thousand 324 cases of corona have been reported so far in the country. Of these, seven lakh four thousand 348 active cases. 24 lakh 4 thousand 585 patients have been cured and 58 thousand 390 patients have died. In the last 24 hours, 60 thousand 975 cases of corona have been reported and 848 people have died. At the same time, more than 67 thousand cases have been reported in the UAE and 376 people have died. So far, more than two crore 36 lakh cases of corona have been reported worldwide. More than eight lakh people have died. 

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