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There will also be some conditions for the entrance of the Akshardham temple for the devotees who have opened from today.

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Delhi’s Akshardham temple, which has been closed since March, has been opened from today (October 12). However, with the reopening of this temple, its time has also been changed. At the same time there will be some conditions for entering the temple, which will be mandatory to follow. Let me tell you that after almost six and a half months it was decided to open the temple gates for the devotees. Devotees must wear masks to enter the temple. Entry will not be given if rules are not followed. Apart from the mask, a sanitizer has to be kept with you. Apart from this, under the new provisions, the devotees will also have to strictly follow the rules of social distancing. Explain that thermal scanning will also be done at the entry gate to enter the temple. All these safeguards will be adopted to prevent the spread of corona virus infection, so that everyone can be protected from infection.
Let us tell you that in view of the Corona period, the time has also been changed to enter the temple. According to the information, devotees will be able to enter the temple only between 5:00 and 6:30 in the evening. Entry to the temple premises will not be allowed after six and a half. Apart from this, the temple will be closed till 8:15 pm.
This means that due to the corona, the time has been set, you will have to come out after seeing it. However, the tableau, exhibition and abhishek pavilion will be kept closed for the time being. The popular water show among the devotees will start with social distancing from Tuesday itself.

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